Gifts of Character – Empathy

My reflection today is on the Virtue / Character of Empathy. Empathy is about putting ourselves in another person’s place, being present to the point that we can connect to their feelings. We connect our humanity with everyone we are in contact with, and take the time and put in the effort to understand the context of the thoughts of others,  especially those that we do not agree with or who have made us angry.

Today I am thoughtfully taking the virtue of empathy to a higher level in my day. I will practice deep presence with those that I love and with those that I disagree. I will pause before responding just to perceive how and what the feelings are of the person speaking to me. I will choose my verbal response by purposefully selecting the questions and statements that I make inside my head. My goal is to protect myself from blaming or judging the person and use empathy to connect our hearts.