Gifts of Character – Gentleness

My reflection today is on the Virtue / Character of Gentleness. Gentleness starts with a desire that no harm comes to others and that all things, creatures, and persons are safe in our presence. We grow this attitude by beginning with compassion for ourselves and taking time to engage in gentle activities. When we stop our attempts to control outcomes and accept the moment and the needs at that point, our attitude of gentleness is growing.

Today I am mindful of the virtue of gentleness. I am using self-control especially when I am disappointed with events or people by responding in kind ways. The hardest part for my practice is not the acting gentle but the thinking in a gentle manner. I wish to embrace and be understanding of those that are trying to control events for the sake of impressing others. I know they are simply being hard on themselves and need more gentleness from others and themselves. I will take the time to soften my heart and open my soul to serenity.