Gifts of Character – Kindness

My reflection today is on the Virtue / Character of Kindness. Kindness is a genuine concern for how others are feeling and doing. We listen carefully to their words, perceiving the needs they may have that they are not speaking. Kindness combines so many of the virtues, caring, compassion, friendliness, helpfulness, love, tact, into the attention and simple ways of being present to others.

Today I am considering how I can show kindness at a higher level. It may be that for me it begins with being aware of the little things in the lives of those closest to me. If I bring myself more present to them and act on their simplest needs, I will be more aware of those outside of my immediate family. Peaceful feelings in our family will not happen if kind acts are reserved just for big events, and we do not practice warmth and loving acts in everyday interactions.